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The first European movie to rehabilitate
decorations & landscapes of the spaghetti westerns

ANGEVINE PRODUCTION / Angers (Pays de la Loire) / France


Angevine production sent in all Europe a request for scenarios, in order to give new life in the magnificent scenery used in the spaghetti westerns. The challenge for this innovative concept is to bring a new view on an exceptional European site, the beauty of which allowed to compete with Hollywood in a genre where the Americans were considered to be the masters.
Destination Spain and the region of Almeria, where many of the Italian spaghetti westerns were shot. There's a task to achieve : rethink the way the scenery was used, sublimated especially by Sergio Leone in his films, such as The Good, the Bad and the Ugly or Once Upon a Time in the West.

A jury made up of professional of the cinema was in charge of selecting, among all the applicants, of the 7 projects who will form the 7 stories of the Almeria collection …

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