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ANGEVINE PRODUCTION - 106 rue du Pré Pigeon 49100 Angers France

For the project :
Definition Support
Without direct counterpart
With counterpart
Counterpart Yes
But disproportionate
and limited by the case law (less than the value of the donation)
Simple mention distinction of the donor with the exception of any commercial
Of equal value
because it is a question of a commercial operation (logos, commercials, operations of promotion of the company)
French tax deduction Yes
In the form of a reduction of the profit tax
(Law of August 1st, 2003 -60% of the value of the donation within the limits of 0,5 % of figure of business except tax of the company)
-66% for a private individual within the limits of 20% Of the taxable net income
The surplus is to be carried forward over the next 5 years
Allowable expenses of the profit in conformance with operating expenses

Assimilation of the spending of sponsoring in spending of advertising nature
Invoicing of the French VAT No
Because it is about a donation which not recovering from an economic activitydoes not go into the field of application of the French VAT
Because operation of commercial nature
= Invoicing liable for the VAT

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Craftsman Storekeeper Big company
Foundation Bank Insurance
Region with a measure of autonomy Public or semi-public body Other

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Establish the check in the order of ANGEVINE PRODUCTION
A secondary contract will then be established to define the terms of this partenaria.
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